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Company Profile

Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. is an affiliate of Philip Morris International, a leading international tobacco company, with products sold in approximately 180 countries worldwide. It is based in Rome and is responsible for the sale and merchandising of Philip Morris International brands throughout the country. We are the leading company in the Italian tobacco market with a dynamic brand portfolio that includes top brands such as Marlboro, Merit, Philip Morris, Chesterfield and Diana. Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. today employs approximately 370 people in its head office and in a sales force that covers the whole Italian peninsula.
In 2013 Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. was identified by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute as one of the Top Employers in Italy and was recognized for its capability to attract and keep talent, based on the wide range of career opportunities, the employee development programs, as well as the compensation & benefit schemes.


Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. offers internship programs opportunities in all departments (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Information Service, Corporate Affairs, Legal). Moreover, all new graduates interested in a challenging working experience can join our sales force, on a Sales Representative role. A wide range of other opportunities, for graduates and professionals are available on our website.
Send your CV through the site www.pmicareers.com

We are particularly strong in our career development programs which are designed to build management talent.
Your career will be in your hands. We will support  you with clear strategic direction, help you set goals, evaluate your progress, develop your skills and reward your achievements. But the initiative will have to come from you! To gain on-the-job experience quickly, you will be placed on projects with dynamic teams. You will be exposed to diverse perspectives and experiences, giving you the opportunity to learn more from the people around you. We will encourage you to take advantage of our in-house programs designed to challenge, test and identify your capabilities, and equip you with the business and interpersonal skills you would need to manage your career effectively.

YES PROGRAM (Young Executives Sourcing) is the PM Italia Internship Program aiming  at providing just graduated people with the possibility to join PM Italia and to increase their employability in the market and is structured with six months of internship plus a temporary contract of six months after a strong evaluation of the performance.


Graduate Humanities, Linguistics Graduate, Graduate Economic

Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. looks for talented people with a passionate, enterprising spirit to help us shape the future of our business. We want people who enjoy responsibility, strive to achieve, with a positive attitude to a changing environment and have a collaborative style. We operate in a highly competitive and regulated market and this is the reason we continuously look for people who have the ambition and  motivation to succeed in this challenging environment. We always strive to broaden the diversity of our  workforce and continuously work to identify, hire and retain the best qualified individuals, wherever  they come from or whatever their background is. We know our people represent us and we want them to be proud of the company they work for!

To join PMI’s team we look for certain values:
  • Courage: we are always looking for those rare leaders who possess the self-assurance to stand up for their ideas. True leadership sometimes means being a lone voice, but it always means having the courage of your convictions.
  • Clear and constructive communication: Clear communication between team members is vital to avoid potential misunderstandings.  A candid, honest exchange of ideas creates an environment of trust and inspiration. That means not only giving constructive feedback, but also being a good listener.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Our people have a boundless curiosity, and are always looking for possibilities where others might not see them. They possess a unique insight, and they are not scared of tackling complex problems.
  • Efficiency: Our employees strive for excellence through efficient work habits and skillful performance. With a combination of well-planned processes, smart priorities, and agile problem solving, our people enjoy doing the job, and doing it right. The results are often impressive.
  • Emotional intelligence: Our behavior and moods affect everyone around us. Teamwork means being emotionally perceptive to the feelings of others, and having the sensitivity to influence the moods of our teammates in a positive way.
Fluent English is an asset to work and collaborate in a very international environment like Philip Morris Italia.
Additional foreigner languages could represent a plus.

National and International mobility is required.


• Spontaneous applications
• Job Fairs
• e-recruiting website
• Company presentations
• Selection companies
• Career corporate website: www.pmicareers.com

• Individual interviews
• Group interviews
• Written tests
• Technical interviews

We work with a structured recruitment process. In all steps of the process, we aim to ensure that a job candidate fits with our culture; through the screening process to the assessment center and the personal interview. Candidates are invited to a personal interview with the hiring manager and a Human Resources representative. Competency based interviews help us to get a closer look at the candidate’s skills, competencies and attitude and give us the chance to get to know us better. Our interviews consist of a structured series of questions intended to enhance the quality and accuracy of the interview and match the candidate’s competencies and values In addition, interviews include a vast explanation about the company’s values, mission, vision and culture. This helps the candidate to know PMI’s culture and compare itself against it to analyze the fit.

Philip Morris Italia S.r.l.

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