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Streaming Engineer - 11690

Altran Italia is looking for a Streaming Engineer to be involved in TEM Division, Milano site.

Main activities and tasks:

  • As a media streaming engineer in this role, you will be responsible for developing features, contributing to media systems design, analyzing performance, and tuning algorithms for streaming media playback;
  • This individual should have development experience at multiple layers of the OS network stack and have experience building network delivery systems for media content;
  • 24/7 on call support may be requested.

The ideal candidate has a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering, has a good knowledge of the English language and gained from 9 to 10 years of proven experience in Streaming system better if Media market.

The candidate should have a good knowledge of:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming, DASH, RTMP, RTSP, etc;
  • WireShark, Charles, Fiddler

Other requirements:

  • Knowledge of streaming media protocols: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming, DASH, RTMP, RTSP, etc;
  • Experience in developing audio/video streaming servers or clients/players;
  • Excellent analytical, programming (C or C++), and debugging skills and strong proficiency in multi-threaded development;
  • Strong understanding of HTTP networking (protocol, cookies, authentication, cache, security, and performance);
  • Familiarity with CDN architectures (caches, origin servers, proxies, etc);
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills using network analysis tools such as WireShark, Charles, Fiddler, etc;
  • Working knowledge of media codecs, formats, transports and container protocols, such as MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, AAC, AC3, MP4, TS, etc;
  • Broad scripting experience preferred (Bash, Ruby, Python);
  • Hands-on experience with video encoding hardware and software;
  • Deep understanding of the entire live streaming architecture from source to playback.

Legally protected status will be considered as an asset.