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As you may already know, the right to work in this or in any other country in Europe depends largely on your nationality. If you are an EU national then you do not need a working permit or visa to stay in Belgium. Even so, you are required to register with the commune where you live (go to the Town Hall for more information). You should be part of the relevant social security scheme and be able to prove you are employed or self-employed.The application process takes between one and three months (although it may vary depending on the circumstances).  The documents that must accompany any application form for a work permit are:
Residency permit (if you already live in Belgium)
Good conduct certificate from the last country of residence
Employer’s statement
Evidence of your professional qualifications
Copy of the employment contract (in some cases only)


Now that you know the kind of paperwork you will need to do, you can begin to find a job before moving to Belgium. Visit, where you will find a comprehensive jobs database and specific information on a wide range of work-related topics.You can also go to the nearest Belgian Embassy and ask for more information.
Go to It offers a list of all the embassies around the world. Just click on the country you are interested in and you will be instantly transferred to the requested web page.You already are in Belgium? Then buy local papers and browse through the job offers. A very popular paper is The Bulletin (Euro 2,23). If you have professional qualifications you have a better chance of finding a job in one of Belgium’s international governmental organisations. If you are lucky they might even do all the necessary paperwork for you.



Office Régional Bruxellois de l’Emploi
Bd Anspach/Anspachlaan 65
B-1000 Bruxelles/Brussel
Phone: ++32 02 5051420 - Fax: ++32 02 5051422




Ministère de l’Emploi e du Travail

métro: Maelbeek
Phone: ++32 02 2334111
Fax: ++32 02 233448851FOREM

Office Communautaire et Régional de la Formation Professionnelle et de l’Emploi

B-4020 Liège
Phone: ++32 041 3449211
Fax: ++32 041 3415156