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Citizens of countries which are members of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) do not require a work permit to work in Finland. However, if they wish to stay in Finland for longer than three months they must apply for a residency permit. You can apply for a residency permit at your local police station in Finland.
The documents you will need are:
  • Passport/national identity card
  • 2 photographs
  • Employment contract (TYÖSOPIMUS), or some other document related to your employment in Finland.
Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries need a work permit in order to be allowed to work in Finland. They also usually need a visa in order to be able to enter the country. You must apply for a work permit from the Finnish Embassy in your home country before arriving in Finland. To obtain a work permit you must have already been offered a job in the country. Work permits are usually issued only if there is a shortage of skilled workers in Finland, forcing the employer to recruit foreign staff to fill the positions.
Citizens of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland do not require neither a residency nor a work permit in order to live and work in Finland.


It is possible to find academic careers services in all Finnish universities and higher education institutions. These careers service centres offer help to graduating students who wish to find jobs and also to companies who wish to recruit the best graduates.
There is a national website ( which combines the careers service centres of all the Finnish universities on one internet site. Through this site you can access all the separate homepages of the careers service centres as well as the additional careers information pages regarding Finland. Also, companies can use the site to market themselves and to recruit graduates from any university in Finland.

National Web Page of University Career Services. Through this page you can find the individual homepages of all university careers centres in Finland:
Access to job offers submitted to the national database by public employment offices
Jobs in the Field of Marketing and Advertising
: Technology and Business Positions:


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