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New Zealand

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New-Zealand128There are two ways in which one can obtain a work visa in New Zealand. The first, and least complicated, is to be employed by a company in New Zealand prior to arrival. In this way, an offer of employment is required before you can even be considered for a work visa. The easiest manner to go about being offered a position before departure, is to be employed at home for a company that also has offices in New Zealand. You could then request a transfer to New Zealand. That way, the company should deal with all the immigration papers for you.

The second way is to go to New Zealand with a visitor’s visa, and then apply for a work permit, which will be valid for a maximum of nine months from the date of arrival. Consequently, depending on how long it takes for you to find a job, you could be working for a particularly short length of time. Thus, being offered employment prior to departure is undoubtedly the most worth while way to be employed in New Zealand. This is particularly true if you consider the fact that your work visa with the company will be valid for a greater period of time than if you come as a visitor.
The principal field of work in New Zealand is that of information technology. Consequently, if you are interested in migrating there to work, your best chance of finding employment is if you specialise in information technology.
The best starting point when looking for jobs is to go to the government based web site for Work and Income New Zealand, whose home page address is This should provide you with the vast majority of information that you need to know regarding job hunting in New Zealand.
The Mercury Consulting Group, whose home page can be found at,, is a recruitment consultancy company specialising primarily in information technology, telecommunications and consulting positions in New Zealand. Due to being a solely New Zealand based business, it is less likely to advertise positions with international companies.

Duncan and Ryan Associates, offer a more general range of job listings. They can be contacted at:

Duncan and Ryan Associates
Level 2, KPMG centre, 135,Victoria Street
PO Box 11645Wellington, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 04 802 4888
Fax: +64 04 801 6656
As a starting point you could try
For solely internet based companies, is probably the best place to go. This web site is part of the world-wide Career Mosaic network, and therefore provides resources for New Zealand and internationally.  

In addition to this site, and are all very informative web sites. In particular, Adecco is a world renowned recruitment company and provides an extremely efficient service. Furthermore, it is well worth looking at the home page of the New Zealand department of Labour at :
In addition to, to these means of job hunting, it is worthwhile looking in the newspapers. The local newspapers are more in circulation than the national ones. The principal national newspaper in New Zealand is The New Zealand Herald. This will produce either an employment section or supplement on a certain day of the week. The home page can be
found at: