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All over the world, Ariston Thermo is synonymous with comfort, energy efficiency and respect for the environment, thanks to its high efficiency products, its plants in compliance with the most advanced production standards and excellent pre- and after-sales customer support services.

The company, founded in 1930 in the Marche Region of Italy, is now a reality with 6,800 employees, 27 production sites and 23 competences centers and R&D in 14 countries, a commercial presence in over 150 countries around the world and develops a turnover of 1,61 billion euros.

Ariston Thermo operates in three different sectors, with leading brands and an extensive range of products and services.


The key words that represent our Company are international vocation, entrepreneurial flair, determination and improvement. Ariston Thermo enhances and promotes proactivity, individual initiative and interaction between different cultures.

Ariston Thermo aims to attract the best professionals on the market and also to grow talents from within. The scale of the Group’s international operations and an evolving business, offer many opportunities for professional growth to those who are willing to accept the challenge.

We look for young students and graduates in Engineering and Economics, with an outstanding academic career, with strong motivation, initiative, flexibility and highly orientated towards results. We are looking for people capable of working in groups, interested in dealing with a dynamic and structured working context that offers opportunities for high visibility. Both the knowledge of English language, consolidated by experience through internships abroad, and the mastery of the main information technology tools are key requirements.


Recruiting channels are different: from spontaneous applications on our website, through Universities and Italian Business Schools network, to LinkedIn and Job Boards. We also use recruiting firms depending on different roles and seniorities.

The selection process is managed by Human Resources in close collaboration with the Management and it evaluates the personal characteristics, attitudes, motivations, competences and skills of the candidates against the requirements of the roles sought.

IThe selection process is based on:

  • HR Interview
  • Assessment online (reasoning tests and personality questionnaire)
  • Line Manager interviews

SELECTION – #warmingyourtalent

Determination, spirit of initiative and openness to different cultures are the characteristics that Ariston Thermo seeks when selecting new talents and that enhances in its own human resources, so that each can trace out their own most appropriate path towards growth.

Ariston Thermo Group
Talent acquisition and Employer Branding




People are at the core of Ariston Thermo’s commitment and one of its primary objectives is to extend its talent pool. This is why our attention for people translates in a careful selection process and in specific development activities, aimed at internal professional growth. The Group’s international reach provides us with a valuable exchange of knowledge, learning and values, resulting in a deeper understanding of constantly evolving markets and cultures.

TRAINING – Work immediately, always learning

Over time, Ariston Thermo has developed institutional programmes that accompany domestic, international and interdepartmental groups of professionals throughout their career – from recent graduates to managers – with the objective of strengthening their important skills for the development of business and organisational culture.

Training is one of our key attributes in people management and development: we offer institutional training programmes according to different professional profiles and different steps of career development.


The program focuses on young graduates who have been working in the Company for less than one year and who come from European offices, promoting the learning of the basic knowledge crucial to succeed in the organization and enhancing international and multicultural exchange.

The program consists of 3 modules that develop a broader view of the business, the skills to act effectively in the organization and to plan one’s own professional development.


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